Friday, August 31, 2012

Eleventh day

We woke up in rainy and cold day. Most of us were sad because this is the last day.

We started morning activities until talking about what we did  yesterday in Tartu. The general opinion was that campaign was successful and personal feelings of participants were more than satisfactory.

After this we did group activity in national teams about how we will use knowledge gained on this project in our own countries and daily life. We all agreed that we will be more active and multiply the results  after  the end of the project.

Than we divided in groups depending on a topic of a project  we were interested in. The topics were music, children, sports, art, environment and gender and sexual  orientation. We produced good ideas about possible future projects.

In the afternoon the time came to make our youth passes  about what we learning in this project. The task wasn't easy because there was a lot of different things we learned. How we are waiting for our youth passes to be printed. That we will have dinner and after that time to prepare for the evening activities.

We will start with gossip box and than we will find out who our secret friend is if we don't know who it is already. After that we will have youth pass  ceremony and the last night here on this beautiful countryside.

Sadly we slowly have to say goodbye  to each other and we think this isn't going to be easy. 

Miguel, Daniel, Raminta